The alarm goes off and you groan. You want just five more minutes of peaceful slumber, but unfortunatly the day’s tasks are already looming over your head. You struggle to roll out of bed and messily make your way to the bathroom. You take your time, blinking away the tiredness, but the next moment you look at the clock, you realize you’ve only got five minutes before you have to be out the door. You rich to get dressed, packing your bags in a haste and grab a banana for breakfast as you run to the car. 

But when you get to wherever you happen to be going, school, work, the gym, etc, you realize you forgot it. Your phone, your wallet, or some other important item. 

And the worst part?

You feel exhausted and disorganized as ever.

Ugh. Sound familiar?

If it does, you might want to try this fifty minute morning routine. It’s broken down into three different time blocks. (10 min, 20 min, 20 min.)

And the benefit? 

You won’t be feeling nearly as tired and disorganized as you have been lately. Plus, you’ll show up to whatever happens to be your destination in the morning, looking and feeling like a total boss.

Interested yet? 😉

1. The Wake Up Call (1st 10 minutes)

Imagine the alarm going off and you feel relaxed and ready because you know exactly what to do, how to do it, and you are CERTAIN you will get out of the door on time (maybe even a little bit early!).

Sounds impossible right? You’d be suprised!

The first ten minutes of the morning routine are spent doing the simplest tasks, so you aren’t immediately stressed upon waking up, and can take your time as you blink away some Z’s.

In this time block, all you do is make your bed and get dressed. 

Easy right?

Throw open the blinds, make the bed all nice and neat, and slide into that outfit that you can easily put together from your organized closet. And BAM, you’ve got most of yourself ready, plus your bed all tidy, in under ten minutes!

The best part?

You can practically do these tasks with your eyes closed. Your tired self will thank me later. 🙂

2. The Beautification Process

So you are dressed, but your face still looks a little groggy. And your hair is REALLY tangled. Not to mention, your breath smells a tad bit iffy.

Head to the bathroom because that’s where you’ll spend the next twenty minutes, making your self look like an absolute queen (or king)!

In this time block, you will brush your teeth, comb out your hair, take care of business, wash your face, and lather on that deodorant that you’ve had for years but still works (obviously).

And if you prefer, you can do some make up too, just know that you look beautiful either way, duh!

This time block is twenty minutes long to give you enough time to wash up in the bathroom, and use the extra time to pack your bag(s) (and CAREFULLY this time so you don’t forget the wallet). This helps you get all of the major stuff done first so you can focus on all the little necessities that you CANNOT forget! 

3. Nom Nom

Once you’ve finished preparing your external self for the day, it’s time to prepare your internal self (aka your stomach). 

And yes, the banana is not going to cut it. Unless of course, you’re a monkey.

Take time to make yourself a nutritious breakfast. Get some good protein, carbs, and fruits/vegetables. Not only will this leave you feeling satisfied as you make your way to the car, but if you really focus on eating a good breakfast you will stay fueled all the way to lunch! 

Need some ideas? Consider these options to kick off your day: protein smoothie, eggs with some fruit, yogurt & granola, peanut butter toast, waffles/pancakes with fruit on top, or oatmeal with mixed in berries or fruits.

Trick: This time can also be used to pack your lunch, if needed, and you haven’t already done so 😉

“But what if the pure idea of eating in the morning makes you sick to the stomach?”, you may ask.

Not to worry!

Use this time to pack healthy snacks to tide yourself over to lunch or if you are not a snacker, use this time to finish up some work you maybe weren’t able to finish up last night (because let’s admit it, we’ve all been there).

But if you don’t like any of those options, simply remove this time block from the morning routine and treat yourself to an extra twenty minutes of slumber!

And there you have it. Your morning is officially organized, and in under an hour!

Plus, what makes it absolutely the best routine ever? 

It is completely customizable! Need more time in a certain area? Simply add the extra minutes and wake up a little earlier. Too much time? Make the time blocks half of what they are and plan to sleep in an extra twenty five minutes.

The fifty minute morning routine is an easy (and perfect) way to start off your day!


Want to add some quiet time into your morning routine?

Simply add an extra ten or twenty minutes to the beginning of the routine to spend some intimate time with God. 

If you are a Christian, this is a perfect way to begin your day! We all need to spend personal time with God so we can grow in our faith and hear His direction for our life. Plus, the mornings are a great time to do it before you get distracted by the grind of everyday life. You will find yourself more at peace with situations and people around you as well as relaxed and calm. Sounds like the perfect way to kick off the day!

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