How long do you spend in the morning trying to pick out an outfit?

5 minutes?

10 minutes?


What if I told you that you could pick out the perfect outfit for ANY occasion in under thirty seconds if you just simply organized your closet?

Sounds crazy right? But it’s insane how effective this can be.

Turns out you can easily organize your closet at low cost and not much effort. So here are some simple but game changing tips to help you clean up your closet so you can feel refreshed every morning and easily find the perfect fit in no time.

  1. Identical Hangers

Chances are your closet currently consists of a collection of hangers in different sizes, shapes and colors. You may have some from that thrift store down the street, others stolen from your mom’s closet, or even some that broke a while ago, but still can be used (or at least that’s what you think).

If that’s you, it’s time for an upgrade! By simply trading out all your old hangers for new matching hangers, your closet will look a hundred times better. And the best part? Packs of matching hangers come in all different colors (yes even neon orange) and they usually aren’t that expensive. I got mine from Target and absolutely love them!

Not sure what color to get? Try choosing colors that match the theme of your room, your favorite color, or go with white for that simplistic look.

2. Sections, Sections, Sections!

Flipping through the neverending line of clothes for that one pair of jeans gets aggravating after a while (especially if it’s five in the morning and you’re still half asleep). A way to fix this problem? Having sections for each pair of clothes.

For example, start with all your long sleeves on the left, then all the short sleeves, then your colared shirts, pants next, followed by the shorts, and finally your dresses and your coats on the right.

This way when you check the weather on your phone with your puffy eyelids, you don’t even have to think as you pick out a knitted sweater, those comfy jeans, and your favorite winter coat. All you have to do is simply chose something from the section because you know exactly where it is!

Thinking this is too time cosuming? Organizing your closet could easy as a quick Saturday afternoon task to enjoy as you call a friend or listen to your favorite hits.

3. Color Overload

If you are that person who likes your outfits to be perfectly color coordinated, you should consider organizing your sections of clothes in color order.

My favorite pattern to use is the rainbow. I start with the light reds, and the section ends with the blacks. Not only does this make your closet even more inviting and pleasing to the eye, you can easily find the perfect colored coordinated fit! And it will also save you a truck load of time!

Trust me on this one, it’s worth the effort! And your zombie state of being will thank me when it’s time for work and you can effortlessly find that grey sweater that matches your favorite navy jeans.

4. A Nook for the Unused

Now if you’ve followed all of these tips, your closet probably looks the best it’s been in years (or maybe ever!) but there is one more thing that will make a world of a difference.

A place for the hangers that aren’t in use.

This doesn’t take much energy and once started this system is simple to keep with. All you have to do is find a place to store your hangers that aren’t being used. for me, I have section at the back of my closet where I put first the triangle hangers and then the ones with the clips. This allows for more room for your clothes (so the unused hangers don’t take up extra space) and also makes putting away your laundry so much easier.

Instead of searching for an open hanger for that one hoodie, all you have to do is go over to that section pick up a hanger and put it in it’s place.

By finding a place for the unused hangers, your closet will not only look much more organized and clean but will make it so much more simple to do your laundry. And not to mention, save you a few extra minutes of that endless searching!

So what are you waiting for? Organizing your closet is only a few steps away. Get those earbuds and turn up your favorite jams and hit the clothes (or Target for those hangers)!

Here is to your thirty seconds of effortless outfit-picking so your zombie-self will be just a tad less grumpy and rocking that color coordinated outfit as you step out that front door. But not without the coffee (or tea 🙂 ) of course!

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