Do you ever find yourself struggling to focus on that essay, or lacking motivation to do that thing that you’ve been putting off for days? And are you looking for something, ANYTHING, that can help your productivity levels rise?

If so, you may want to consider cleaning up your space. 

Whether you work at an office, your own home, or even from the comfort your very own room, a clean space is proven to help greatly increase focus and motivation. 

In fact, in a recent study by the Staples Corporation, researchers discovered that 94% of the subjects claimed to feel more productive when they had a clean workspace. 74% also believed that they were able to create a higher quality piece of work in a tidy workspace. 

Need some tips for cleaning up your space? Here are some simple but highly effective tips to help you tidy up your workspace and boost productivity:

1.All the Stray Pages

If your work leaves your desk piled with papers, you should consider investing in a filing cabinet or another form of paper organizers. This way, you keep the clutter off your desk and have more room to do what really matters. 

Organize your papers into specific sections so they can be easily accessed when needed and you can have a sense of peace, knowing all of your papers are exactly where they need to be and you don’t have to worry about accidentally loosing one behind your monitor, or one getting eaten by the dog (because let’s admit it, its happened more than once).

If you don’t have the problem of papers, and all your work is on your device, consider organizing your downloaded files into folders so they are easily accessible as well. This helps your desktop look less cluttered and saves you a bunch of effort and time searching for that one crucial document. 

Keeping your tabs to a minimum can also help productivity, so you should make sure to delete any tab you won’t use for a while to clear up some space. However, if you have many tabs that you need open on a daily basis, consider creating separate windows for different groups. Trust me, this will help you feel so much more in control of your work, and you will be able to find your documents and tabs in lightning speed!

2. Preserve the Pen

Similar to paper, pencils and pens can take up a lot of space in the workplace if they don’t have their own spot. 

You may want to buy some pencil holders that can sit in the corner of your desk or a larger organizer to fit in one of your drawers. These tend to be pretty cheap whether you buy them off Amazon or from Target. You will be surprised at how much of a difference it will make when all your pens and pencils have a specific place. 

If you haven’t done so, consider testing all your pens to see if they still have ink and write well. You will find that a lot are old, broken, or out of ink,  if you take a little while to do this (especially if you haven’t ever done it or it has been a long while!).

3. A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

Everything from notebooks to your PC and monitor should have its own place. Just as I mentioned about the papers and pens, when everything has its own place, it minimizes clutter on your desk.

Place the notebooks in a drawer or cabinet, sort your papers in a filer or another drawer, and keep all of your pencils and pens in a place together. Have your PC and monitor on a place on your desk where they are easily accessible and have access to a charging port. 

This step is completely customizable. Whatever you may have on your desk, make sure everything has its place and you will instantly feel more at peace and so much more productive.

4.Tackling the Junk Drawer

Ugh. The junk drawer. The pure name just explains its disorganization and the lack of motivation most of us have to clear it out. 

If you take a little time out of your day to simply go through that dreaded drawer and clear it out, you can get rid of it for good. And I mean it. If you haven’t used what is in it in a long time, chances are you aren’t going to need in a long time (or ever) either.

So, do what you need to do- throw things out and put things in their proper place- and before you know it the junk drawer will be long gone. And tada! you will have a free drawer to use to sort those papers or notebooks!

So are you feeling convinced yet?

Dedicate some time this afternoon or weekend to deep clean your workspace and organize it so you can jump into your next session with a focused mindset and not a hint of stress over a messy desk!

BONUS!!!: This also works great for your personal time with God. Having a clean space to study God’s word helps you to dive into the passage and give all your focus to what you are learning. Next time you study your Bible make sure you are in a clean and organized environment and you will be surprised with how much more attentive you will be! Or if you have your own special place to study God’s word,  try implementing these tips to your own quiet place!

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